Rian Bast
managing director

As a director of a small-scale team I need to be multidisciplinary. I am not only responsible for several consultancy projects and training programs, but also for consumer contact, marketing, planning, administration and business innovation. In short, everything that is needed to run a business.

Of course, I also work continuously on building and expanding my own knowledge and competence.

Experiential expert

Rian Bast: “As a third-year student of Food Technology at the Van Hall Institute I worked at the time part time at Vishandel Piet Korf B.V. There I already experienced how complex the laws and regulations were and how much effort it took to implement this in practice. When I became a teacher, I have been able to acquire important skills that are still applicable daily. With this, I try to gradually translate the difficult complex matter into clear, unambiguous solutions within our projects and customized training courses”.