As the word itself already initiated, Food safety is about how safe or unsafe our food is. And talking about food we also take in count the safety of feed because also feed has a severe influence on food produced from animals’ raw material. Contaminations as diseases, harmful chemical additives or foreign bodies can make our food unsafe. All companies who are dealing with food needs to take their responsibility, taking in count what may appear and how to prevent mistakes. From the start of the food chain (farmers) till the corner (plate) all involved companies intent of have a Food Safety plan.


The base of Food safety can be found in the development of a HACCP system. H.A.C.C.P. stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. All potential hazards in the area of food safety needs to be identified for each step of the total process in the company. Based on an assessment a HACCP plan needs to be designed to control all possible microbiological, chemical and physical risks.

Certification for Food safety and Quality

In the world of food and feed several certification programs can be found with requirements for Food safety and Feed safety. These are issued to the origin of food and packaging, infrastructure and kind of processes (trade, production and logistic). Much companies need to fulfill a certification program which is GFSI recognized.


The Global Food Safety Initiative isn’t a certification standard itself but a program to benchmark existing standards initiated by international retail organizations and their stakeholders. The main goal is to improve food safety systems by comparing standard requirements with guideline from retailers, producers, consumers organizations and food safety experts.
Globally big retailers recognize several certification programs under the GFSI such as BRC, IFS, FSSC 22000.
Besides food safety these standards describe requirements for the integrity, sustainability of food and Food defense.