Safe food is made from ingredients that come from a safe chain. If these ingredients have an animal origin, such as meat, eggs, dairy, the feed of these animals must also be safe. Otherwise, contaminations and diseases via animals can end up on our plate. Legislation and certification standards for feed safety gives requirements for the way how the feed material is grown / produced, transported, stored and traded. An example for that can be seen in the GMP + programs.


GMP stands for ‘Good Manufacturing Practices’ The + stands for the integration of the HACCP method into the standard ‘Risks and critical control points’ related to food safety needs to be identified, determined and worked out in a HACCP plan. In the current base of the GMP + system, also the principle of the Deming circle ‘Plan, Do, Check, Act’ is implemented. Shortly: Note what I do, act on what is noted, and show evidence that I do it effectively. Also summarized in the term continual improvement.

The GMP + Feed Certification Scheme sets requirements for facilities, suppliers, personnel, verification, analysis and documentation. GMP + International sets transparent conditions for animal feed safety and sustainability and verification by independent certification bodies. In such a way GMP+ wants to guarantee a reliable, sustainable, safe and qualified chain.