Coordinator for Quality Food Safety

Navigating the challenges posed by tight labor markets can be a formidable task, particularly for those in quality department roles. In response to this pervasive issue, we launched the “Coordinator for Quality Food Safety” training program in 2022.

Building on the success of our inaugural session, we commenced our second training program in Autumn 2023, which is slated for completion by April 2024, benefiting seven participating companies. This comprehensive program delves into crucial GFSI themes while empowering participants to bolster their existing management systems. Moreover, an integral component of this training is the acquisition of an internal auditor certificate.


Given the growing interest in our training programs, we have been approached by several individuals seeking a similar opportunity in English. In response, we are delighted to announce that in Fall 2024, we will be offering a session tailored specifically for non-native Dutch speakers.


The target audience for this training program comprises former students who, despite having less background and education initially, have demonstrated remarkable progress by ascending to roles as independent quality managers. This inclusive approach ensures that individuals from diverse educational backgrounds can benefit from the program, leveraging their practical experiences and newly acquired knowledge for food safety and GFSI-requirements to excel in their respective roles.


The session dates and times will be announced soon, covering an array of essential topics including culture, organization, policy, hazard identification, risk analysis, certification standards, and more.


The cost for participation is €1,795,- excluding 21% VAT per person, inclusive of training materials and, upon successful completion of the exam, a participation certificate.


All sessions will take place at the Culinary Technological Center, situated at Krimweg 74A, Hoenderloo. To ensure an enriching learning experience, a minimum of 5 participants is required. Rest assured, we will provide coffee, tea, and warm meals during the training days.


Registration is a breeze; simply reach out to us via to secure your spot.


We look forward to welcoming you to our training program and embarking on this educational journey together.



The themes

Lesson 1: Culture, organization, and policy

Lesson 2: Process, Product, and Work Environment

Lesson 3: Hazard Identification and Risk Analysis based on HACCP principles

Lesson 4: Certification standards and basic laws and regulations

Lesson 5: Supplier assessment, procurement, incidents, and recalls

Lesson 6: Development of process control activities

Lesson 7: Internal and external verification, by auditing including practice and exam. And a certificat for (internal) auditor

Lesson 8: Validation of the final product per participant



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